*gives everyone a BIG hug

titration saturday...
i'm so looking forward to it
three of my FAV. relatives are comming tomorrow...



these people still need to sign up..

1. sam (samantha)
2. rosie
3. nadia
4. idle (rhys)

if you guys could go bug them about it when u can... and if you're one of those people post something so that i know you're here and i'll take your name off the list

Quitting Tazum at 1000?

In that case i'll have to make sure you never hit 1000 posts.... I don't want you to leave merk... though it's high time I did....


This post is mostly to let you know i've joined ok. I'm here and i'm very busy right now, but I thought i ought to join up while i had 20 spare seconds.

spam, spam and more spam....

ok.... i'm on a huge spam roll at the moment... cos as soon as i'v hit 1000 posts i'm going to quit the site ^^ .. well, u see, if i don't get 1000 i won't feel like i've achieved anything really, so as soon as i do my pride gives me permission to quit. um, if u didn't understand any of that... nvm.

science.... is..... boring.......

i'm in science at the moment.... it's quite boring.. we just had a test :( it wasn't overly hard, but the last question asked for a diagram thing to be drawn.... and i had no idea how do it.

there's still about 10 minutes to go until lunch (its 12:55). i'm really hungry as well.. but i'm pretty sure dad made my lunch this morning.. not great news..

we're supposed to be reasearching blood disorders at the moment, but i got really bored so i'm blogging instead ^^. we've (nadia and i) have written a total of three sentences for our thing about anemia..

i can't think of anything else to say, so i'll leave it here...
ps - science.... is.... REALLY.... boring... zzZZzz....